Our Values

Our Vision

Being a respected R&D excellence center, in the forefront of bioanalytics by developing creative and innovative analytical solutions with a multidisciplinary approach.

Our Mission

Analytics beyond measure

We contribute to the sustainable use of our planet’s agricultural resources and thus to the nutrition and health of the people of the world by providing state-of-the-art dedicated bioanalytical solutions.

We provide analytics beyond measure to add value to our customers by improving quality and optimising food and agricultural production.

Our Values


because being first is motivating and rewarding

We provide analytics beyond measure to improve food quality and optimise food and agricultural production. We develop dedicated multiplex bioanalytical methods and software platforms that can be integrated into easy-to-use applications and business solutions.

We dedicate our expertise to quality – as perceived by our customers.

We innovate for continued introduction of ground-breaking bioanalytics to the market.


because the customer is the focus of everything we do

We provide quality services and full support to our customers with our products.

We contribute to the highest bioethical standards and carefully examine the ethical implications of proposed developments.

We are socially responsible for nature through the way we use science and biotechnology to save or improve lives, improve the quality and abundance of food, and protect our environment.


because we are a company based on knowledge and employees working in collaboration

We offer an environment of trust and confidence where our employees:

  • Are respected, involved, informed and empowered
  • Work in teams and integrate knowledge, technologies, functions and people
  • Enjoy working

because we are a company based on knowledge and employees working in collaboration

We are a company based on our employees and their knowledge and skills regarding:

  • Our customers and their needs
  • Analytics – dedicated immunoassay based bioanalytical solutions
  • Continued improvements to the way we work
  • The discipline of getting things done

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