Quality Policy


At Soft Flow our Quality Policy is designed to help us achieve our primary objective of being number one in groundbreaking bioanalytical solutions to the market.

Soft Flow strives to have a quality-based culture with the goal of developing, manufacturing and delivering innovative high quality products and services to our customers. This requires everybody in Soft Flow to understand their own important contributions to excellence and our common responsibility for achieving our quality objectives, where teamwork, engagement, ownership and cross-functional support are vital.

We at Soft Flow invest into our employees and continuously support them with development opportunities, which enables Soft Flow to be a world-leading provider of automated, rapid solutions for food and feed analytics.


In Soft Flow we develop advanced bioanalytical solutions for routine testing, that enables our customers to make fast decisions on how to ensure the safety and maximized production of agricultural food products.

We want Soft Flow’s customers to confide in our products and the services we deliver, and our quality be defined as their superior experience.


Employee Satisfaction / Engagement

Soft Flow can only deliver a high level customer experience with dedicated and committed employees. We run an annual employee engagement survey (EES) and gather information with the intention to create the best working conditions for the individual employee and our teams. All managers are trained in a leadership excellence program as a direct outcome from the EES.

Customer Loyalty

All individual customer responses are reviewed on a one-on-one basis locally, and improvement actions are defined based on the feedback Soft Flow receives.

We strive for perfection, but realize that things can go wrong in the customer journey. If we do not deliver to our promises, we will identify the root cause, solve the problem and learn from the experience, so it will not repeat again. We handle complaints professionally and in a timely manner to increase customer satisfaction.

System and processes

Through global quality audits we evaluate our development, delivery and service processes. The internal audits help us to identify operational risks and improvement opportunities. Performing external audits on selected suppliers is enabling us to control and lower the risks in our processes.


Biotechnology is at the intersection of science and ethics. We contribute to the highest bioethical standards and carefully examine the ethical implications of proposed developments. We contribute to the sustainable use of our planet’s resources and continuously reduce our environmental footprint.


In Soft Flow we monitor the performance of our processes by identifying deviations. KPI’s for the processes are followed closely and reported frequently to relevant stakeholders. If we deviate from our targets, then we take actions through the Plan-Do-Check-Act method and actions are identified, agreed upon and followed-up.

Quality Objectives

In order to become the number one in providing an excellent customer experience, top management have defined our business measures based on Soft Flow’s Quality Policy, which can be found in the related QMS document.

Soft Flow is part of the FOSS group, thus for more information about our common quality related endeavors and business ethics, please visit the official website of FOSS Analytical A/S.

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