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Founded three decades ago in the USA, Soft Flow started with focus on biotech and software development, and later grew into a recognized R&D company. Today Soft Flow employs more than 50 talented people working with biotechnology, research and assay development together with bioanalytical services.

In 2016, after years of successful strategic collaboration, FOSS acquired Soft Flow thus enabled the beginning of a new era for Soft Flow with heavy expansion in Pécs, Hungary.

FOSS' role on the global market is to develop analytical solutions helping companies in the food and agricultural sectors to maximize their efficiency and improve food quality and safety. FOSS provides solutions to the world's largest food companies and approx. an additional 40,000 customers. Thus, 80% of all traded grain on the world market and 85% of all milk is tested by a FOSS solution. With the many new business and research areas, FOSS has become known for “Analytics beyond Measure”.

Standing on this platform, Soft Flow reaches new heights in research and development and in creating new bioanalytical innovations.

Soft Flow expands on a large building plot, in an easy distance to the University of Pécs. We build completely new R&D facilities for bioanalytical innovations, and create modern and open working environment dedicated for R&D, biotech services and reagent production for global distribution. The new building will include everything needed, from offices, meeting rooms, SW development, R&D laboratories, facilities for simulations, mechanical engineering to reagent production and Service- and Quality Control laboratories for release and distribution of goods.

Soft Flow Hungary is part of the FOSS Group

FOSS is the world’s leading provider of analytical instruments for the global food and agricultural sector primarily in milk, grain, feed, meat and wine. 80% of all traded grain on the world market is analysed with a FOSS solution and 85% of the world’s milk is tested by a FOSS solution.

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